Zoom! Tooth Whitening

At WDC we love to make you smile! So why not make that smile brighter and whiter?teeth whitening

Our dentists use the popular Zoom! in office whitening system. Zoom! Tooth Whitening is an in chair whitening system designed to lighten the colour of your teeth using an applied gel and laser light producing your maximum whitening results in the shortest possible time.

During the Zoom! treatment, a whitening gel is applied to your teeth and then activated by the Zoom! laser light for three to four 15 minute sessions. During the entire treatment, a plastic retractor is placed in the mouth to ensure your complete comfort during the entire Zoom! treatment. The soft tissues of your mouth (i.e., lips, gums, cheeks and tongue) are also covered to ensure that there is no exposure to the gel or laser light. Lip balm is also applied as needed and you will be provided with an ultraviolet filter for your eyes.

Before and after the Zoom! whitening treatment, the shades of your upper front teeth will be assessed and recorded. A great way to show off your results! Your teeth can lighten from up to 4 – 6 shades!

For that bright sparkling smile you’ve always wanted, call for an appointment today! Go on, treat yourself…