When decay has eaten away at the tooth a hole is formed. The dentist then needs to fill this hole produced by the decay, a ‘filling’ is therefore placed.

Today there are basically two types of fillings – ‘white’ fillings (Composite) and ‘silver’ fillings (Amalgam) .

The composite fillings are the most commonly used filling due to their wearability and asthetics in a smile. They help achieve a complete “White” smile and help eliminate that obvious ” black filling” or dental treatment look.

There has been a lot of bad publicity regarding amalgam fillings as they contain mercury, a toxic substance. This has lead to a lot of patients choosing to have these amalgam fillings replaced with the white composite fillings. We advise to please consult your dentist if you have any concerns regarding your amalgam fillings to have them checked for leaks or simply in replacement for cosmetic options.